Audit Section

Function of Audit & Accounts Section and Duties of Finance and Accounts Officer

To ensure the accuracy and completeness of accounts for securing that all revenues and receipts collected are brought to accounts under the proper head, that all expenditure and disbursements are authorized, vouched and correctly classified, and that the final accounts represents a complete and true statement of financial in purports to exhibit.

To pre-audit all payments from the funds of the Council/Institute with reference to proper sanction and budget provision and to exercise judicious scrutiny of all financial sanctions.

To act as Head of the Audit and Accounts Branch and to take every effort to settle the objections raised by the Auditors of the Society in terms of Rule 76 and Bye Law 19 of ICAR Society, as speedy as possible and to afford necessary facilities including prompt production of requisite records for the conduct of audit by the Auditors.

·        To prepare Revised Estimates and Budget Estimates.

·     To Advise on financial matters including revenue and expenditure such as procedure disposal of assets, write-off, depreciation, award of contract etc.