Division of Cattle Physiology and Reproduction

The division came into existence in the year 2017 with the approval of Plan Research programme for the year 2017-20. Presently the division has 3 laboratories viz. Semen Freezing, Semen Quality control and Animal Physiology working on various aspects of reproductive techniques for improving productivity of cattle. The division conducts research work on behavioural physiology of male, reproductive aspects of male and female cattle, and effect of climatic variables on semen production.

The Semen Freezing laboratory came into existence with the inception of the institute in the year 1987 to cater the need of frozen semen for the Frieswal Project, a prestigious joint programme of ICAR and Ministry of Defence for developing a National milch breed of cattle “Frieswal” capable to produce 4000 litres of milk in a standard lactation of 300 days with 4 per cent milk fat by utilising various grades of crossbred cattle available at Military farms operating across the length and breadth the country. Besides, the laboratory also fulfils the frozen semen requirements of Field Progeny testing of crossbred cattle being coordinated by the institute in varied agro-climatic regions of the country. The laboratory has state-of the- art facilities for semen preservation.

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