Animal Physiology & Reproduction Laboratory

 Theriogenology Laboratory, CPR Division, ICAR-CIRC, Meerut, previously known as animal Physiology & Reproduction Lab is basically involved in reproductive physiology research in cattle. The laboratory has facilities for reproductive biotechnology oriented research like Embryo transfer Technology (ETT), Cell Culture, IVM/IVF & in vitro embryo production, Embryos Freezing and well equipped with Ultrasound machine, ELISA Reader, Cooling Centrifuge, Milk Analyzer, Stereo zoom Microscope, Fluorescence Microscope, CO2  Incubator.

This Lab is actively engaged in research related to reproduction management of cattle, fertility improvement and different ARTs, viz Artificial Insemination, Estrus induction, Estrus synchronization, Embryo transfer technology at Farmer’s doorstep. Fertility associated seminal protein, cryodamages of sperm during freezing & thawing and its mitigation using antioxidants, prevention and management of Prolapse in cattle (Pronil & Prolacure), Pregnancy diagnosis and other related aspects, studies on field.