Quality Control Laboratory

The semen quality control laboratory was established in 2005 to ensure the availability of quality semen to the stakeholders. The frozen semen from the bulls is thoroughly evaluated based on the guidelines of CMU, GOI for production of quality germplasm. Each batch of frozen semen is evaluated through a series of quality tests and semen samples that pass the minimum prescribed standards as per cut-off values detailed below are only stored for future use. The major tests include hypo osmotic swelling test (HOST), Incubation Test, Acrosome integrity, viability and morphology (live-dead percentage of sperms and sperm abnormalities), sperm concentration and microbial load. Besides, the frozen semen samples are also get tested for the IBR once in every week through molecular genetics laboratory of the institute. The laboratory is also working on assessing the antimicrobial sensitivity/resistance pattern of common microbes present in semen.

Table: Quality parameters and their cut-off values

S. No

Quality parameters

Cut-off value


Bacterial Load

5000 CFUs /ml


Hypo Osmotic Swelling Test (HOST)

≥ 40%


Incubation Test

Standard drop in motility by 10% after every 30 minutes


Acrosome integrity (Fresh semen)

≥ 70%


Percent Intact Acrosome (PIA)

≥ 65%


Sperm Concentration

20 million spermatozoa per dose

(0.25 ml Mini straw)