Semen Freezing Laboratory

The semen freezing laboratory is equipped with the state of the art facilities to produce and store quality frozen semen. The laboratory adopts all the procedures for semen collection, processing, evaluation, freezing, and storage are followed as per the guidelines issued by Central Monitoring Unit, Govt. of India. Presently, the semen from Frieswal and Sahiwal bulls is processed for further freezing and stored for future breeding use in different projects/ cattle developmental programmes. The laboratory has latest gadgets such as integrated semen straw filling, sealing and printing machines, cold handling cabinets, programmable biological freezers, computerized assisted semen analyser, etc. Semen collection, processing and freezing are done under strict sterile environment to meet the international standards of quality. The bulls are regularly screened for designated diseases to ensure disease free semen production. The laboratory has facility to store more than 2 million semen straws and the record of each straw is maintained in digital format also. A team of dedicated scientists, technical and supporting staff is engaged in the job of semen production. Frozen semen is subjected to rigorous quality assessment through a battery of tests before its distribution. Quality of the semen is never compromised and receives top priority.