Bull Rearing Unit

        The bull calves after selection from respective bull mother farms are received at 5-6 month of age at Bull RearingUnit (BRU) of the institute for further rearing and semen collection. The BRU was established at Grass Farm Road, Meerut Cantt in the year 2000. The unit has a capacity to accommodate 92 adult bulls along with followers. Presently, Frieswal and Sahiwal bulls and bull calves are being managed at BRU. The bull calves up to one year of age are kept in groups and the adult bulls are housed in individual bull pens. The unit at the inception had bull pens oriented E-W and having entire floor concrete cemented. However, to provide better comfort to bulls two new sheds oriented N-S were erected in the year 2011 having covered area concrete cemented and open area as earthen floor. The height of these sheds has also been increased for better ventilation and optimizing the microclimatic conditions. Theses sheds have facilities for CCTV recordings and observations on climatic variables. The unit also has isolation facilities and a clinic for diseased bulls and other ancillary structures required for farm maintenance.