Molecular Breeding Laboratory

    This laboratory is working on identification of genetic markers for production, reproduction and growth traits in Frieswal and indigenous cattle for the possible inclusion in the breed improvement programmes. The laboratory is well equipped with advanced equipment such as Nano-drop spectrophotometer, Gel documentation system, Electronic shaker with temp control, Digital Water bath, Autoclave, Biological Incubator, pH meter, Western blot apparatus, Ice flake machine, PCR machine, Real Time PCR machine, Bioanalyzer, Laminar flow hood, Analytical electric balance, Circulating water bath, Gel electrophoresis systems (vertical and horizontal), Refrigerated high speed centrifuge, Deep freezers (-20°C & -40°C), Ultra low deep freezer (-80°C), UV Cross linker, Millipore water purification system, Vacuum concentrator etc. are available in laboratory to carry out routine research in the area of Molecular Genetics and Breeding.

    Beside this, the laboratory is also working on the screening of genetic diseases of cattle, genotyping of animals for A1A2, IBR testing and karyotyping of of breeding bulls. From the laboratory more than 90 research publications have been made in International and national journal with high impact factors obtained higher citations. The laboratory has already developed many technologies of which six Indian patents have been filed.