Division of Cattle Nutrition & Management

t the erstwhile Project Directorate on Cattle (PDC), Meerut Cantt. (UP), the animal nutrition section was set up with the purpose of developing feeding practices especially for the Frieswal breed of cattle, and providing technical guidance for the feeding of different categories of cattle under Frieswal project and Indigenous Cattle Breeds Project. With the up-gradation of Project Directorate on Cattle to Central Institute for Research on Cattle (CIRC) in the year 2014, the animal nutrition section was upgraded to the Division of Cattle Nutrition & Management subsequently. Since beginning, animal nutrition section has been engaged in conducting research work on the nutrient requirement, feed conversion efficiency and studying effect of nutrition on semen quality in the Frieswal breed of cattle. The work related to standardization of management practices like housing and environmental parameter setting etc. for Frieswal bulls was also undertaken by the associated research workers.  The Division of Cattle Nutrition & Management has a well-equipped laboratory with facilities for performing routine proximate and other nutritional analyses of feed and fodder samples by using traditional procedures and automated equipments.

Besides the undertaking various research activities, the d

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